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Custom Swimming Ear Plugs

Custom Swimming Ear Plugs

Custom Swimming Ear Plugs

These comfortable water-proof swimming earplugs for kids and adults block out water and help prevent swimmer’s ear (otitis externa) infections and surfer's ear (exostosis).With Eastragon waterproof ear plugs forswimming, you can hit the shower, waves or pool with confidence.
Moldable silicone ear plugs are easy touse, extremely comfortable, and excellent for swimming, bathing, and generallykeeping water out of your ears. Silicone ear plugs will never melt orover-soften in the heat. Also a very popular choice for sleeping, studying, andrelaxing. Best for swim and water.
Wax cotton ear plugs soften in response tobody heat and may very well be the most comfortable ear plugs for sleeping.Made of a wax and cotton blend, these ear plugs are good for swimming.

Our earplugs are made of natural sponge and silicone, which are environmentally friendly.


Our earplugs have CE and ANSI certificates, and the noise reduction effect has authoritative recognition.


Our earplugs are made of soft and comfortable material, which can fully fit the ear canal. Protects hearing.


Our earplugs undergo strict screening before leaving the factory to ensure high product quality.

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We provide swimming earplugs to meet your swimming experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the meanings of NRR and SNR in hearing protection?
SNR: single value noise reduction value detected according to international standard ISO4969-2. It is a standard to evaluate the anti noise performance of hearing protection products by detecting the attenuation degree of HML three frequency noise.

NNR: in accordance with American Standard ANSI S3 Single value noise reduction value detected by 19-1974 standard. It is a standard for measuring the anti noise performance of hearing protection products issued by the American environmental protection organization (EPA) in 1979.
Can patients with otitis media use ear plugs?
Yes.Patients with otitis media can use soft silicone earplugs instead of plug-in foam earplugs or music earplugs. Soft silicone earplugs are covered outside the ear to prevent water from entering the ear canal during bathing. It also has a certain degree of noise reduction.
Can I place my own LOGO? Where can I place the LOGO?
Yes.OEM and ODM are based on minimum order requirements. Logo can be added to the surface of plastic bags, PP boxes, plastic tubes, aluminum tubes, paper boxes, inner boxes, etc. 

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