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Custom Sleeping Ear Plugs & Earmuffs

Custom Sleeping Ear Plugs & Earmuffs

Custom Sleeping Ear Plugs & Earmuffs

Sleep is absolutely essential, but far too many of us cannot get the deep, restful, quality sleep we need. Our world is increasingly noisy. Whether you have to contend with noisy neighbors, traffic, or a snoring bed partner, there are many common sounds that can dusturb our sleep and leave us feeling tired, stressed, or worse. Here you will find a variety of solutions for helping you sleep at night.
Our Slow-Rebound Foam earplugs are most popular and classic hearing protective plugs which are ultra soft and providing best noise reduction than any other type ear plugs. The material is non-toxic and no adverse reaction to any kind of skin types. Generally foam earplugs are disposable but you can still use more times if you can be sure of cleanness. They can be widely applied to sleeping, travel, industrial work, shooting wherever need quiet and protect your hearing most effectively. Please note that foam earplugs have to be slow rebound as the diameter of earplug is bigger than most ear canals to block noise and we can't insert plugs fully if they rebound quickly after rolling.  Please always keep any kind of earplugs away from infant or little kids as it may cause breathing hurt if being inhaled.
Moldable silicone ear plugs are easy touse, extremely comfortable, and excellent for swimming, bathing, and generallykeeping water out of your ears. Silicone ear plugs will never melt orover-soften in the heat. Also a very popular choice for sleeping, studying, andrelaxing. Best for swim and water.
Wax cotton ear plugs soften in response tobody heat and may very well be the most comfortable ear plugs for sleeping.Made of a wax and cotton blend, these ear plugs are perfect for sleep and studyin mildly noisy environments. Best for sleeping.

Our earplugs are made of natural sponge and silicone, which are environmentally friendly.


Our earplugs have CE and ANSI certificates, and the noise reduction effect has authoritative recognition.


Our earplugs are made of soft and comfortable material, which can fully fit the ear canal. Protects hearing.


Our earplugs undergo strict screening before leaving the factory to ensure high product quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

can i customized the color of the foam ear plugs i want?
Yes, It can be negotiated .You can tell us ear plug color code or send us foam ear plug samples ,then we will match the color you need.

How can I get samples from Eastragon?
Free samples of most Eastragon products can be offered,with shipping and taxes paid by the buyer.
Samples fee will be charged if you need the sample to be produced by new customiezed module.Samples fee can be refunded after you finished an order.
Eastragon can get very good rate from TNT and DHL or EMS couriers to save your freight cost.
How to calculate the shipping cost?
Shipping cost was calculated by cargo weight, and volume, and also depends on different modes of transportation, international districts. Accurate shipping cost please feel free to contact with our team.

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