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How we help you customize

Policy Support For Distributors


Preferential product prices for dealers

The preferential product prices enjoyed by distributors can be negotiated to determine wholesale and retail guide prices, etc., in order to determine a reasonable profit margin for distributors.

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Brand building support

Enterprises have a certain amount of advertising investment in creating their brands, and the brand carries its own traffic in the market.

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Technical service support

Pre-sales guidance for dealers. For example, the preparation for opening an Amazon store and how to operate your own online store well.

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New product support

Constantly develop new products, differentiated products and high profit products to meet the profit requirements of dealers and improve their profitability. There are differences in the incentive benefits and awarding efforts for new products, old products, and patented products.

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Fixed area sales management

With a relatively stable market capacity, ensuring the absolute profit margin of distributors.

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Service commitments

shortest delivery time, product technical support, etc.

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Cooperation period

Generally one or two years, Customers who have already purchased products are preferred.

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Product Experiencer

Internet Celebrity Cooperation Policy

Create Greater Value Together Through Video and Image Sharing
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Share Your Videos And Pictures

If you have good feeling to our products as ear plugs, ear muffs, you will be paid by taking any cool videos or pictures to tell our customers. And your videos or pictures will be blogged in our websites.

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Recruitment Requirements

  • The fan base is around 50000 to 150000 people(Tiktok、youtube、insgrame)
  • Age range from 20 to 35 years old, love to shoot short videos is preferred.
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This is Freccero, and the video he shot is ES3125 bass earplugs.


This is Freccero, and the video he shot is ES3125 bass earplugs.


Product Design Cooperation Policy

Collaborate with Us to Launch Creative Designs that Lead the Trend in Hearing Protection Products
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Innovation is Our Driving Force

At our company, we are committed to creating innovative hearing protection products that are both functional and stylish. Our goal is to provide consumers with the coolest and most effective products on the market.

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Collaborate with Us and Reap the Rewards

You will benefit from your design by a price or sales commission.

Contact us to achieve your cool design or ideas for achieving.

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Eastragon Customizes Hearing Protection Earplugs & earmuffs For You

We focus on the research and development of hearing protection devices, and have a professional design team and manufacturing factory to meet your customized needs. From materials to finished products, we have excellent supply chain solutions and strong price advantages.
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